Vitria Debates at Round Table Expert Panel in 6th Annual Club-BPM Event

Vitria was among 82 other companies to participate in this year’s annual Club-BPM Event in Spain from March 9-10, 2011. The theme for this year’s event dealt with “Coping with BPM Projects from Start to Finish.”

[Vitria’s Booth]

Apart from being an event sponsor, Vitria participated in a Round Table Expert Panel on the topic of “How to anticipate situations and adapt enterprise processes and resources with BPM technology?” Almost 100 people came to witness this great debate between Vitria and Single Consulting, a Spanish consulting firm.

Round Table Expert Panel:

Some of the questions debated were:

  1. What does “real-time visibility of critical processes” imply? Indicate a practical example. With which technology can it be achieved?
  2. What does “anticipating possible situations, problems, and opportunities” imply?
  3. What does “run impact analysis” imply?
  4. Practically speaking, how can processes adapt themselves automatically to the situation? Describe a practical example.
  5. What are the best ways to finance a BPM project based on expected ROIs?

[Round Table Expert Panel (L-to-R): Club-BPM Director Renato de Laurentiis, Vitria Senior Sales Consultant Juan Carlos Palacios, and Single Consulting Senior Consultant Monica Ghamra Fernandez]

Key Takeaway:

As one can infer, based on the debate questions, the concept of real-time BPM – i.e., Operational Intelligence – is becoming a dedicated section in this annual event because it’s becoming a key requirement for successful organizations. I’m looking forward to the future of BPM!

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