Vitria Introduces Operational Intelligence as Next-Generation BPM Solution at 6th Annual Process Solutions Day

Vitria was among 23 other solution vendors to participate in this year’s annual Process Solutions Day in Frankfurt, Germany on Tuesday, May 17, 2011. Vitria introduced the concept of Operational Intelligence as the next-generation BPM solution to approximately 150 attendees.

[Exhibition Area]

This year’s event was divided into four separate tracks: (1.) Process Modeling, (2.) BPM & Human Workflow Suites, (3.) Process Oriented Solution Sets, and (4.) Best Practices in Enetrprise Architecture Management.

Vitria’s pioneering technology was described in depth, with a live demo, in the third track as well as at the Vitria booth in the exhibition area.

[Senior Solutions Architect Thomas Degen standing behind Vitria’s booth]

Key Takeaway:

Many vendors are still exploring and evaluating process oriented solutions for automation and workflow. Vitria has now definitely introduced a new approach with its innovative OI platform with an intuitive UI and zero-footprint deployment. Vitria’s M3O Operational Intelligence Platform fully integrates the capabilities of BPM, Complex-Event Processing, and powerful visualization dashboards into one seamless solution.

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