B2Br Announces Partnership with Vitria

New partnership guarantees an addition to the integrator’s portfolio in addition to generating new business for the company.


Investing in complimentary partnerships. This is one of the main objectives proposed by B2br, the integrator company of TBA Group, to grow its participation and stake in the market. With this objective at hand, the company has just signed a partnership with Vitria, a company renown to be the pioneer behind EAI (Enterprise Application Integration), SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), and BPM (Business Process Management). In addition to incrementing the existing portfolio of B2br, these new solutions will create new business opportunities for the company.

For Vitria, who desires to expand its participation in the Brazilian market, this new partnership agreement is strategic, since B2br is one of the principal players in the Information Technology services sector in the country. “The partnership combines B2br’s expertise, its proven knowledge of the sector and Vitria’s strong solutions portfolio opening new paths for Vitria to strengthen its brand in Brazil”, stated Peter Magdlener, Director of Vitria Technology, Inc. for Latin America.

For B2br, the agreement represents a considerable addition in its capacity to analyze, diagnose and implement EAI, BPM, and SOA platforms and architectures. This means that B2br’s customers can now count on solutions focused on process integration which makes business dynamics more agile and flexible, improving operational efficiency.

One of the principal attributes of Vitria products is its exception handling and resolution capabilities. This means that our solutions can identify, diagnose, and resolve specific process bottlenecks specific to a particular enterprise, significantly reducing delays, high costs, and customer dissatisfaction related to business exception problems. “Among our products, we have a particular solution that treats exceptions all at levels whether it is a system, service, process, or business exception”, affirms Peter Magdlener. “This unique characteristic improves, speeds up and enhances the implementation of SOA solutions.”

“This agreement is another result of our partnerships policy plan for 2007 and re-affirms our participation in the market as a full services provider in the IT area”, explains Waldemar Magalhães, Vice President of Marketing and Alliances of B2br. Solutions that focus on large corporations, offer highly competitive characteristics to such enterprises and represent a revolution in their capacity to properly integrate their business processes.

Proactively prepared to offer the new solutions, B2br already trained and certified a technical team, specifically educated in Vitria solutions. Furthermore, presently the integrator is training another group of consultants that will be ready and responsible for identifying new business demands and opportunities for the company.

About B2br:
B2br is the system integrator of TBA Group, which acts as a full service provider in the Information Technology area, offering solutions in the areas of: infrastructure (networks, security, and applications), consulting (projects, security, migration, and quality), corporate software licensing, software, and hardware engineering, outsourcing, and software factory delivery. The company has more than 800 employees presently. In their fiscal year which closed on March 31st 2007, the company had revenues of R$ 200 Million / ~ USD$ 115 Million. Among B2br’s alliances are Oracle, Microsoft, Citrix, TCS – Tata Consultancy Services, and True Access Consulting, also another member of TBA Group. More information about B2br can be found on: www.b2br.com.br or contact:

Simone Valois
Director of Marketing – B2br
Tel: (55 61) 3426-3293
Fax: (55 61) 3426-3398

About Vitria Technology, Inc.:
Vitria Technology, Inc. (www.vitria.com) an award-winning provider of award-winning business process integration products and solutions, combines technology leadership with industry expertise in healthcare and insurance, financial services, telecommunications, and manufacturing to dramatically improve strategic business processes across systems, people and trading partners. With 11 offices around the world, Vitria’s customer base includes blue chip companies such as AT&T, Bell Canada, BellSouth, Brasil Telecom, The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, British Petroleum, British Telecom, DaimlerChrysler Bank, Generali, Nissan, SKY TV Mexico, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, PacifiCare Health Systems, Reynolds & Reynolds, Royal Bank of Canada, Sprint, Trane, and the U.S. Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs. For more information call +1-408-212-2700, email info@vitria.com, or visit www.vitria.com.

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