Vitria Puts Operational Intelligence in Business Hands with M3O Operations Book

Delivers unprecedented visibility into business activity as it happens; Web 2.0 UI empowers business users with real-time, actionable insight to optimize processes

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Vitria Technology, Inc.
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Vitria Technology, Inc., a leading provider of business process management and business event management products and solutions, today introduced M3O Operations Book, the first Operational Intelligence product to converge Business Intelligence, Business Activity Monitoring, and Complex Event Processing into a rich, Web-enabled application. M3O Operations Book empowers business users with visibility and actionable insight into business and operational performance in real-time.

M3O Operations Book complements the M3O Suite, announced earlier this year, to provide powerful analytics across operational and business data sources, empowering users to “mash up” and analyze information from those multiple sources in real-time and gain the insight needed to quickly make optimal decisions.

“M3O Operations Book empowers an organization’s business users to immediately analyze and act on operational data in real-time instead of waiting for after-the-fact reports,” said Dr. Dale Skeen, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Vitria. “We are leveraging the simplicity and richness of a Web 2.0 UI, together with the power of the industry’s first CEP engine to speak the language of business, to put true Operational Intelligence into the hands of business users.”

M3O Operations Book is unique in its ability to deliver:

  • An easy-to-use Web 2.0 UI for business users to define KPIs and dashboards
  • Real-time continuous analytics of business and operational data for clear insight into operational performance
  • Sophisticated Complex Event Processing (CEP) for advanced analytics of events and historical data
  • Drill down capabilities into BPM and major third-party applications

M3O Operations Book empowers the business user by providing an easy-to-use Web 2.0 user interface to create customized KPIs and dashboards. Using a WYSIWYG dashboard designer and predefined presentation widgets, business users can quickly build complex analysis, correlate dependencies between data sources, and then simply “wire” them together to display the results in a highly graphical manner. In this fashion, business users can mash up enterprise-based and Web-based information and correlate and analyze event data from historical and real-time sources.

Delivering next-generation business activity monitoring (BAM) and analysis, M3O Operations Book quickly and easily puts contextual, actionable intelligence in the hands of the decision makers. Now, those users can drill down into individual business processes and associated events so they can not only see problems, but can take action, fix problems, and directly optimize processes.

M3O Operations Book’s powerful analytics capabilities include multi-dimensional analysis, correlation, pattern analysis, trending, and time-series analysis, and are designed for high performance in highly scalable, distributed environments. The result is valuable operational intelligence into business, partner, and process operations, when businesses need it most.

These capabilities are powered by the industry’s first CEP engine to speak the native language of business – XML and XQuery. This means that Operations Book can continuously analyze data by directly tapping into application data and partner data without costly and performance robbing conversions.

The Vitria M3O Suite enables companies to Model, Manage, Monitor, and Optimize their operations utilizing business process management, event management, and activity monitoring. It fosters true business agility by strengthening collaboration between business and IT. It is built on an open and platform-agnostic Web architecture, which allows the M3O Suite to be deployed onto all major application servers and to interoperate and mediate among all major ESBs in traditional enterprise computing environments, or be deployed into major cloud-computing environments for SaaS deployments.

“We understood the need for getting the right solution architecture in order to achieve our goals. We looked at different alternatives on the market and realized that Vitria understood our goals and needs. Vitria knew how to turn this understanding into a high functioning implementation,” says Albert Pubill, director of IT with the Andorran Telecommunications Service (STA).

M3O Operations Book has a zero foot-print deployment and can be leveraged with the rest of Vitria M3O Suite or Vitria BusinessWare for top-down, end-to-end visibility into the entire business process to optimize business operations and enhance business responsiveness. M3O Operations Book is also available as a stand-alone application, leveraging existing BPM deployments.

About Vitria
Vitria Technology, Inc. ( is the industry’s leading privately-held BPM and integration technology company. Known for its innovation in the integration and process management space, the company offers Vitria M3O, the most flexible BPM & BEM integration suite on the market, plus the award-winning BusinessWare® EAI platform. Together they deliver state-of-the-art legacy and SOA-based process integration solutions for the enterprise. Vitria’s customer base includes global 2000 organizations such as AT&T, Bell Canada, BellSouth, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, BP, BT, DaimlerChrysler Leasing, Generali, Nissan, Reynolds & Reynolds, RBC Financial Group, Sprint, U.S. Department of Defense and Veterans Health Administration.

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