Vitria Announces M3O 3.2 Operational Intelligence Platform

Enables Real-Time Analysis of Complex Patterns and Threats

Sunnyvale, CA – June 30th, 2011: Vitria announces the release of the M3O Operational Intelligence Platform v3.2 for real-time business analytics and intelligence. Built for the rapid deployment of real-time solutions, Vitria M3O enables business leaders to quickly make informed decisions in time to maximize impact. M3O use cases include advanced cyber security, service assurance, SLA management, customer experience management and insight into hidden business processes.

With a 10X speed increase, M3O’s real-time analytics engine is addressing the most challenging CEP problems, from advanced threat detection in cyber security to reputation management amidst the rising volume and variety of social media data. M3O release 3.2 can handle not only more data faster, but can also analyze more complex patterns making possible the rapid detection of new types of threats and opportunities from volumes of streaming data. Hence, M3O can provide real-time behavior-based analysis, statistical trending, and opportunity assessment and scoring – thereby extending the versatility of Operational Intelligence far beyond the capabilities of most CEP products.

According to Vitria CTO Dale Skeen, “Gartner has defined three challenges of ‘big data’ as volume, velocity and variety. Only Vitria’s M3O Operational Intelligence Platform rises above all three challenges providing, out of the box, the performance and flexibility to instantly identify patterns and deliver insights to decision makers from volumes of streaming data.”

M3O possesses the unique ability to handle a large variety of data at high volumes in real-time. In contrast to platforms built around simple tabular data, M3O is able to process richly structured, semi-structured, and poorly structured data due to its native support for XML. RSS feeds, social media activity streams, as well as most sources of Internet data can be analyzed at a rate of millions of messages per minute, providing decision makers with the real-time insight to take immediate action based on business policies and processes.

To view real-time data, M3O’s easy to use dashboard construction capabilities empowers business and IT users to create intuitive, role-based dashboards. Even more so, M3O’s dashboards make it easy for users to immediately act on real-time information with the click of a mouse, leveraging the power of Operational Intelligence.

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About Vitria:
Vitria Technology, Inc. provides the industry’s leading Operational Intelligence suite, empowering partners and customers alike to develop innovative Operational Intelligence solutions to analyze business activities in the proper context and take real-time action. The result is faster, better decision-making. With a rich heritage as a technology pioneer, Vitria’s award-winning process integration solutions provide the backbone for many Global 2000 companies’ mission-critical business processes. Vitria has customers in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

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